Cloud Solutions

We provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help customers meet their business needs. Running our solutions in the AWS Cloud, MS Azure, Google cloud can help customers get their applications up and running faster while providing the same level of security. We give cloud solutions on following like websites, Back up & Recovery, Archiving, Disaster Recovery, DevOps, BigData, Financial services, High performance computing, Digital marketing, E-Commerce, Etc.

Web Development

Frontend development, custom web applications, content management. We developers start by looking at designs and all the features client want. Then, while carefully considering brand, target market we come up with several design proposals and let client choose the one they need. After further improvements and consultations the final dynamic web pages will be built.

Social Media Marketing

Our web solution is to improve client’s bottom line. SEO solutions target client’s key audiences, drive traffic and help in conversions. Social Media Marketing increases brand awareness, engaging social media audience with a strong and brand-focused message and impact on target demographic. We help client to achieve online marketing goal.



Cloudshoppie is a leading provider of Web development solutions, SEO solutions, unified cloud based communication services to clients. Cloudshoppie was founded in 2016 by a team of professional veterans who have contributed their experience and expertise in the cloud services, web development, Social media marketing, and SEO. As a complete office cloud services provider, the CS team is constantly innovating to provide clients the best-of-breed technologies in cloud services, web development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Our Mission is to ensure best relationship and assist in presenting a professional front to market place with clients both during and after goal set and saving maximum cost in their non-core / competency functions, with no changes in quality and compromise in time by enabling clients to do more with less.