Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Whether you need a turnkey solution or a fully-supported cloud migration service, we know how to help. We have migrated thousands of workloads leveraging our purpose-built, enterprise cloud migration RACE methodology. RACE is designed with Kanban lean principles integrating all work streams with a streamlined and agile approach which includes discovery, migration, architecture, cut-over, management and maintenance. Our experienced team of industry leaders – utilizing our best-in-class DynaCenter migration technology – ensures that your migration is secure, rapid and cost-effective.

Professional Cloud Migration Services

Your migration to the cloud takes careful planning, preparation and involvement from all areas of your organization. Over more than 10 years in the cloud computing industry, Racemi has built the leading cloud migration software and we have wrapped that in expert services and a proprietary methodology for success. From discovery to ongoing management and maintenance, Racemi provides end-to-end cloud migration services for every need – from small business solutions to enterprise migrations.


Seamless migration

Uses automated processes to streamline migration of physical and virtual workloads.

Diverse requirements support

Supports hybrid, private, bare metal and VMware targets plus Windows and Linux operating systems.

Automated tools

Simplifies migration and reduces costs by eliminating the need for manual agents.

Reduced downtime

Uses live capture and incremental data sync to help minimize downtime during the migration process.


Applies industry-leading processes to support tight migration windows, including complex platform re-tooling.